Municipal Separate Storm Sewer Systems

Storm Pipe Replacement

Municipal Separate Storm Sewer Systems

The federal Clean Water Act stormwater requirements are administered under the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection’s Municipal Separate Storm Sewer Systems (MS4) program.  Stormwater Best Management Practices are essential in the filtration of stormwater runoff as it flows from our cities into streams, rivers, bays, and then oceans.  Detention and retention ponds slow water flow therefore decreasing flood risk while limiting pollution. Neglected ponds increase property owners’ liabilities relating to accidents and damage.

Invasive vegetation thrives in areas surrounding these ponds and along with trapped debris, often block inlets/outlets or damage stormwater structures.  Drain systems must remain unobstructed to promote proper water flow into basins.  Over time, the embankments of detention and retention ponds erode, causing sediment to wash into basins and compromise water quality.  Protected banks lead to improved overall pond health which decreases the possibility of water backup or spillage into outlying areas.

Property owners are responsible for having their stormwater structures inspected, maintained, and correctly operating.  Routine management maximizes efficiency and is proven to extend life expectancy of stormwater structures by 25-30 years.  Ordinances require stormwater ponds be inspected at least once per year.  Are YOU MS4 compliant?

Our ultimate goal at Helmick Environmental Services Inc. is to help our clients understand the guidelines for retention and detention ponds and get your pond in the best working condition according to set regulations.