About Us

Dorothy & Jake Helmick

Dorthy Helmick, President & Jacob Helmick, Vice President

In 1988, I started Helmick Enterprise, a landscaping company providing lawn and landscape maintenance in Central PA.  As our family business grew, we diversified to meet the needs of our distribution, industrial, commercial, municipal, and utility clients.

I established Helmick Environmental Services Inc. to fulfill the ever growing need for integrated vegetation management and stormwater maintenance.

Neglected vegetation proves costly to facility owners.  Today, Helmick Environmental Services Inc. utilizes Integrated Vegetation Management (IVM) to more effectively and efficiently control the vegetation growing on your site.  The result is improved safety, better access, consistent results, and a great habitat for wildlife.

Federal and state agencies have been tightening stormwater regulations and adding new ones.  These regulations are intended to provide both local and regional benefits. We are here to help clients meet MS4 compliance and maintain their stormwater structures.

Our experienced crews receive continuous training that ensures safety and efficiency.

I look forward to working with you on your next project.


Dorothy J. Helmick, President, CEO